Nova Siri Holiday Resort Village & Hotel - Hotel Rooms

The Restaurant of Nova Siri Holiday Resort has an air-conditioned room and a covered terrace overlooking the swimming-pool. There is also a brakfast room facing the swimming-pool. The Nova Siri Village offers a served buffet with cold and hot dishes and buffet with fresh fruits and desserts. You can have your reserved table during all your stay. You can taste italian and lucanian food.

With our Soft All Inclusive you'll have, during meals, free water, wine, birra, soft drinks on tap.

In the Restaurant there is a reserved space where young guests (from 3 to 12 years) can have lunch and dinner with the Children Entertainment Staff.

For babies up to 3 years there is an equipped baby-room opened during meals with hostess and food.

The Nova Siri Holiday Resort offers Free-Gluten Food, with a Il Villaggio Nova Siri offers the Celiac menù, with menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner, including dessert when expected (supplement € 15.00 per day).