The characteristic and tranquil town of Nova Siri is located in Basilicata, on the Ionian coast, on the border with Calabria. Nova Siri is a small town which is divided in Nova Siri Town and Nova Siri Marina, the first suburb, both the historical and cultural center, is located in the hills while the second is found along the sea and is surrounded by a vast, green pinewood.

Nova Siri is found at the heart of Magna Graecia, surrounded by a rich number of archaeological sites that represent the wealth and splendor of one of the most famous civilizations in history. Nova Siri is easily reached with the Taranto-Sibari train and by car following highway 106.

What to see in Nova Siri Town:
In the upper part of the city of Nova Siri there is the Castle that is presently inhabited. The Porticella quarter is very characteristic and one can admire the “Lamie”, arches interwoven in vaults, common in this area. The main church is that of Santa Maria Assunta with its Baroque façade and paintings from the 1700s which definitely deserves a visit. Nearby there is also the Chapel of the Annunciation. In the Sant’Alessio neighborhood there are the Roman thermal baths which can be visited. Other evidence of Nova Siri’s ancient past can be found in the ruins of the Imperial villa “Cigno dei Vagni”.

Places of interest :
The Castle,the main Church of Saint Maria Assunta, the Ponticella quarter, the Roman Baths in the S. Alessio district, the Chapel of the Annunciation, the ruins of the Roman villa of Cigno dei Vagni, the Bollita tower which is a popular viewpoint on the Ionian coast, Nova Siri Marina.

Events :
The Feast of Saint Joseph on 19 March, the Feast of Saint Anthony on 3 June, the Feast of the Virgin of Carmine on 16 June.